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Finishing Your Basement for More Living Space


American Home Improvements experts say finishing your basement can give you more living space and storage while also delivering a nice boost to your property value


With more people working from home and generally needing more living space, the experts at American Home Improvements have been getting more calls for basement finishing and remodeling projects lately.

Company president Doug Kline said, “For homeowners with an unfinished basement, it’s worth looking at finishing that space as an alternative to adding a room. It’s likely a faster, less complicated project that not only costs less, but also provides the homeowner with a good return on investment.” Mr. Kline cited an annual survey in Remodeling magazine that estimated the ROI for a basement finishing project is about 75 cents on the dollar, nationally.


Project Manager Zach McGuire added, “Adding space in your unfinished basement is not only convenient for the boost in living space but can also be used as a much needed home office. People working from home need a space that they can unplug from home life and plug into work without the distractions from daily life. Having the separation from work space and regular life can help ease the transition that many people have been forced to make.”


Commenting on other considerations, Project Coordinator Alex Ball said, “There are many things to take into consideration when finishing your basement. You have to think about the daily flow of life while also taking into consideration of trying to maximize your layout. While you may be looking for more usable storage you could also be wanting more of an entertainment space that you can host your group of friends.”  

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