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Six Reason You Need to Remodel Your Bathroom Now

1) Safety: Since a fair number of accidents at home take place in the bathroom, this is an important consideration. Slippery surfaces and a lack of proper grab bars are prime suspects in causing accidents that can put someone in the hospital with a serious injury.

2) Address plumbing problems (before they get worse): From leaky faucets to overflowing drains plumbing problems can cause real headaches. Get the plumbing problems fixed before they turn into mold and mildew problems!

3) Increase your home's resale value: Right up there with a kitchen remodel, what you invest in your home's bathroom remodel can pay real dividends in both resale value and eye appeal to any potential buyers. You'll sell your home faster and for more money!

4) Energy efficiency (and associated cost savings): Water is a precious natural resource that isn't getting any cheaper. Replacing outdated fixtures can translate into significant savings in terms of water and electricity. Better in your pocket than the utilities' coffers.

5) Space and convenience: We're all using more personal hygiene and grooming products that take up more space and need to be better organized. A well designed bathroom remodel can help to address this in a way that will add real convenience to your life.

6) Aesthetic joy: A well conceived and executed bathroom remodel can help turn your tired old bathroom into a restful oasis of peace and comfort. With radiant heating, the right kind of lighting and a multi-directional shower your new bathroom can put you in the zen zone after a hectic day.

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