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Benefits of Water

Hydrotherapy is an age-old human health treatment and for good reason:

  • Increases the metabolic rate,

  • Hydrates the cells,

  • Boosts the immune system,

  • Stimulates blood supply,

  • Increases circulation,

  • Loosens tight muscles,

  • Increases endorphin production,

  • Balances the autonomic nervous system

         and more…

The effects of water on our body creates a series of results:

Improves the function of the internal organs, improves skin and muscle tone, assists detoxification, encourages relaxation, aids digestion, builds a more efficient immune system, decreases muscle spasms, increases range of motion and flexibility, improves blood circulation and increases levels of energy.

Specifically, the natural effects of warm water spa on the body will:

Relieve arthritis and fibromyalgia, reduce stiffness, tension and swelling, improve circulation, memory and sleep, and even assist the brain in creative thinking and free-form association.

Our Walk-In Tubs offer more than practical safety features.

They offer professional hydrotherapy – capable of treating arthritis, colds, depression, headaches, stomach problems, joint, muscle & nerve problems, sleep disorders, stress and the whole litany of common human ailments discussed here that increase with age.

Let us inspire you to into a future of health and well-being.

Protect the future of yourself and your family. 

Protect the future of your home and your community.  Begin a relationship with water whose benefits are almost impossible to measure.

Be Proactive.

Proud to serve our Michiana Community

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