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Help us fight to reverse the alarming statistics. 

This is preventable.

The statistics of bathroom falls and hip fractures are alarming enough to be referred to as a Public Health Crisis.


  • Adult falls are being treated in emergency rooms every 13 seconds.


  • Falls are the primary cause of accidental deaths (75%) in people over 65.


  • 80% of falls occur in the bathroom.


  • 1 in 4 people who fracture a hip will lose their life.


  • Loss of function and independence among survivors is profound.


  • 1 in 3 survivors become totally dependent or in a nursing home.

(Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation and AARP)

As the Senior Class in America continues to grow, awareness is building about the problem of adult falls. Often times in bathrooms, it is becoming common to hear of broken hips in our circles and in our families. We should take action to stay healthy and to preserve our way of life. These falls are so debilitating and so life changing that it is crucial to modify. Statistics tell us that home modification is necessary for those of us who want to spend retirement in our homes.  

A preventative method recommended by physicians is to install a shower or tub built around the unique needs of aging people - whose eyesight and reflexes naturally lose their edge. Walk-In Tubs with ultra-low step up, shower chairs, flexible shower wands and grab bars keep us safe. 

Bathrooms are the first priority.

Being proactive is a big part of ensuring that ourselves and our families are cared for and that our hopes and dreams remain intact. Our Mission is to serve this purpose with aims to:

Embrace the human circle by recognizing that 90% of our current senior class wants to stay and live at home.

Build diverse communities by keeping the senior class in the neighborhood.

Promote health, personal independence and social engagement.

Increase awareness of smart design in homes and increase home value.

Support the senior class with need-based referrals and information for their success as long-term home dwellers.

Create awareness of the healing properties of water.

Fight to reverse the alarming statistics of bathroom accidents and injuries.

Arrange financing to make safe and long-term home dwelling accessible.

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