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Why American Home Improvements?

American Home Improvements takes pride in our Michiana roots, our neighbors, and the quality of service we offer.  We are here to make graceful and easy the planning, building and perfecting of your remodeling project without the awkward distance of a national company.  With thousands of projects behind us, our process is efficient, professional and proud to be local. We are dedicated to providing businesses and homeowners with top-notch building and remodeling services.


We are also dedicated to protecting both your house and ours.  We hold a complete umbrella of insurance to ensure that anything unexpected is quickly remedied and that both your home or business and our craftsmen are completely protected.


We know that a great building project requires a great builder. Choose a home improvement team that understands the unique needs of your community and its people, including the remarkable landscapes we share that become a part of all of our homes.

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